2024-2025 ACT Board Spotlight: Lisa Kay Schweyer

Member Spotlights,

Lisa Kay Schweyer, MPM & TDM-CP is a Project Manager & Senior Transportation Planner at Foursquare ITP. Meet Lisa Kay and learn more about her in this December spotlight! 

During her 20+ years in TDM, Lisa Kay Schweyer has enjoyed the ability to connect people with their lives through transportation options. Helping others is a key motivator for her, which continues to inspire her work today. 

Prior to her current role at Foursquare ITP, Lisa Kay worked as Program Manager for Carnegie Mellon University's Traffic21 Institute and Mobility21 University Transportation Center. She made her start in TDM as the CommuteInfo Program Manager for the Southwestern PA Commission.

As a leader in ACT, Lisa Kay is committed to contributing to the welcoming nature of the organization's membership. She fondly recounts her first International Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah and how willing others were to share their knowledge, resources, and experience. 

She says, "I asked a lot of questions, and fortunately was provided lots of advice and sample documents. I found fellow ACT members to be incredibly generous of their time and willingness to help me learn. Over the years, I got more involved in various leadership roles and was grateful for the opportunity to give back, continue to learn, and help the new members (as I was helped)."

Though Lisa Kay is now a seasoned industry professional, she recalls how much learning was involved with her first role in the field. She says, "At the time, I did not know a SOV from a HOV.  But I knew from my previous experience how transportation was often a barrier for people - to jobs, healthcare, community resources, church, etc."

Lisa Kay is part of ACT's Mid-Atlantic Chapter and has been a member of the association since 2003. In addition to her current role on the Board of Directors, she is also a member of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee. DEI has long been a passion for Lisa Kay, who also led more than 60 of her fellow members in the association's 2020 DEI task force.

She says, "My interest in DEI is personal and professional. I am a '50+ year old woman' and a member of the LGBT+ community. I have often been the only woman in 'the room'. As a transportation professional, I have seen traditionally underrepresented groups being left out of discussions, people excluded from decision making, and the price of some micro-mobility options leaving others with no real choices."

In her free time, Lisa Kay enjoys gardening and is part of a mystery novel book club. She also volunteers  for non-profit organizations. 

As a returning At-Large Director, Lisa Kay looks forward to welcoming new TDM professionals to the industry and celebrating the successes of her fellow members. Please join us as we welcome Lisa Kay to ACT’s 2024-2025 Board of Directors!