General News,

We are proud to announce the inaugural recipients of the Transportation Demand Management Certified Professional (TDM-CP) credential. Eighty individuals have proven their proficiency and broad knowledge by passing a rigorous exam on TDM industry standards, regulations, and best practices and have thus earned exclusive authorization to use the registered TDM-CP trademark.

The TDM-CP program marks a new level of standard for TDM professionals and has been a goal this association has been working towards for years. “I decided to take the TDM-CP exam to demonstrate a level of proficiency and is one step on my own TDM learning journey,” said Dave Bergart, TDM-CP, Luum. “TDM-CP is important to me because it represents a shared standard of knowledge for the industry.”

After 26 beta testers passed the exam in early 2020, 54 additional TDM professionals have now become certified after passing the public exam in the fall & winter of 2020. These individuals are recognized for having succeeded despite many challenges presented by COVID-19. “While 2020 was a year worthy of so many negative adjectives, this group of leading TDM professionals achieved something extraordinarily positive that is really worth celebrating,” said Jessica Alba, TDM-CP chair of the ACT Certification Board of Trustees.

We have been thrilled to see so many ACT members taking initiative to form study groups and share resources in preparation for the exam. “The TDM-CP professional certification is important to me because It connects me with colleagues outside of my typical circles,” said Rachel Forseth, TDM-CP, Steer. “Studying for the exam exposed me to new concepts and provided a space to collaborate with others with whom I wouldn’t usually overlap.”

The TDM-CP credential program recognizes and ensures highly qualified individuals are available to meet the diverse needs of commuters, communities, and employers. For individuals looking to earn the certification, the next exam window will be held in the summer of 2021. For more information, click here.