General News,

We are proud to announce the inaugural recipients of the Transportation Demand Management Certified Professional (TDM-CP) credential. Eighty individuals have proven their proficiency and broad knowledge by passing a rigorous three-hour exam on TDM industry standards, regulations, and best practices and have thus earned exclusive authorization to use the registered TDM-CP trademark.

2020 ACT TDM-CP Recipients

Mary Anderson

Brittany Barrett

Destree Bascos

Roxanne Beltz

Erika Benti

David Bergart

Christopher Bongorno

Adrienne Boyd

Matthew Boyer

Brian Canepa

Anthony De Simone

Geoffrey England

Kelly Fetterman

Larry Filler

Rachel Forseth

Aaron Gaul

Emily Haar

Tanisha Hall
Diane Hanson

Thomas Harrington

Sara Hendricks

Estella Hollander

Sarah Hollis

Eva Hsu

Valerie Juguilon

Andrew Keeton

Wendy Karsch

Marie-France Laurin

Russell McDermott

Matthew Meservy

Stacy Newcomer

Cheryl O'Connor

Lisa Kay Pfannenstiel

Jessica Roberts

Carlos Robles Malave

Marne Rowland Duke
Catherine Sanders

Patricia Sistrunk

David Sorrell

Manuel Soto

Kimberly Stolz

Patrick Sullivan

Rachel Szakmary

Puja Thomas-Patel

Kendall Tiffany

Lauren Travis

Tiffany Updike

Allison Velleca

Caryn Walline

Tracy Wang

Julia Wean

Peter Williamson

Karen Winger

Julia Woolley


This cohort is the inaugural group to be officially inducted into the TDM-CP registry from the first public exam window, joining the 26 beta testers who became certified earlier in the year. They are recognized for having succeeded despite many challenges presented by COVID-19. “While 2020 was a year worthy of so many negative adjectives, this group of leading TDM professionals achieved something extraordinarily positive that is really worth celebrating,” said Jessica Alba, chair of the ACT Certification Board of Trustees. “They displayed thought-leadership, fortitude, and resiliency in light of an international economic and public health emergency. On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees, congratulations on your signature credential!”

“As we look ahead as an industry and as an association, it’s quite an honor to recognize this group of TDM-CPs and what they represent,” said ACT Executive Director, David Straus. “Without a doubt, this group of ironclad TDM leaders will continue to play a vital role in addressing the transportation challenges and opportunities on our horizon.”

The TDM-CP credential program recognizes and ensures highly qualified individuals are available to meet the diverse needs of commuters, communities, and employers. For individuals looking to earn the certification, the next exam window will be held in the summer of 2021. For more information, click here.