General News,

As a professional association, our primary goal is to ensure that ACT is providing value to all members within the organization.  In a normal year this requires a constant focus on addressing the needs and interests of a diverse membership.  In a challenging year like 2020, this means also being agile and empathetic to the realities of events taking place, many of which directly impacted significant portions of our membership.  With that in mind we are pleased to report that member satisfaction stayed strong despite the challenges of our new virtual world. 

According to the 2020 Year End Membership Survey, members still strongly agree that ACT supports their development as a TDM professional and engagement & satisfaction with chapter and council activities have increased.

Most survey takers also believe that ACT supports their development as a TDM professional and agree that ACT provides them with opportunities to learn and become a better TDM professional. The International Conference is usually ranked highly by members when asked to rank their favorite ACT programs or services. Despite concerns over “Zoom fatigue,” the 2020 Virtual International Conference, ACT webinars, and opportunities to network with other TDM professionals remained the top three high-value programs & services to survey respondents.

Although chapter and council value remain high, with a total of 91% survey responders either agreeing or strongly agreeing that chapter membership increases the value of their overall ACT membership, more survey takers chose “Strongly Agree” than in past surveys. Similarly, there was an increase in perceived value of council participation. The total number of respondents either agreeing or strongly agreeing that participation in ACT’s councils increases their membership value rose between June & December, with more members also choosing “Strongly Agree.” With chapters & councils hosting more virtual events in the Fall & Winter in 2020, more members had access to more frequent member meetings & webinars.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to share your feedback in these membership surveys. ACT deeply values your feedback and we use this information in our ongoing efforts to provide the best membership experience for you.