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Written by ACT's DE&I Committee 

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we wanted to feature various volunteers at ACT. We thank all our volunteers for their time and efforts to make ACT engaging for members and a unique experience for all. Whether it’s a one-time volunteer opportunity or serving on a committee, volunteering takes a lot of heart and commitment to make a difference in how we plan and execute events, develop programming, and create new resources. Check out some of our volunteers below who share why they volunteer and what advice they want to give others to get involved. 

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Andrea Aguilera, Volunteer since 2023

Transportation Analyst
CSUF- Parking & Transportation 

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What have you volunteered for in ACT?
I helped out at the registration/check-in booth at the Seattle Conference.

Why did you volunteer?
I was part of last year’s ImpACT group and thought it would be a great idea to connect with other members. I also got to hang out with one of my group members!

What is a moment with ACT that stands out?
I really enjoyed being part of ImpACT! It was a great experience, and I met some great people. One of my favorite memories is presenting our group project!

Andrea's advice about getting involved with ACT

Do it! Engaging with ACT is definitely worth it. My experience at my first conference, when I didn’t know many people, was drastically different from the last conference.

Magic Aguinaga, Volunteer since 2023

Vanpool Coordinator
Intercity Transit

A person smiling for a pictureDescription automatically generated What have you volunteered for in ACT?
Last year was my first time attending ACT International Conference. I volunteered for the registration staff.

Why did you volunteer?
One of the main reasons that I volunteer was to get to know others in the industry and broaden my network. I enjoy getting to know others from different sectors and being able to share experiences and discuss similar issues with how to overcome those challenges.

Magic's advice about getting involved with ACT

I really think ACT is beneficial for my career and brings people together for a better and brighter future of TDM.

Nisha Mokshagundam, Volunteer Since 2021

Way to Go Program Manager
Denver Regional Council of Governments

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How long have you volunteered with ACT?
I’ve been a member of ACT since 2021, when I joined the Way to Go program at the Denver Regional Council of Governments. Since then I’ve enjoyed participating in the International Conference as a speaker and attendee. I’m excited for the event to be held in Denver this year so we can showcase our beautiful region. 

What have you volunteered for in ACT?

As a program and host committee volunteer, I reviewed session submissions and participated in planning meetings for event coordination. I’m also looking forward to reviewing ACT award submissions.

Why did you volunteer?
With the conference being held this year in Denver, it was important to me that Way to Go play a role in identifying projects and programs that other ACT members can learn from. 

What is a moment with ACT that stands out? My first ACT Conference was in Chicago, the city where I grew up. Seeing the city through the lens of other TDM professionals gave me a different context and perspective of the region.

Nisha's advice about getting involved with ACT 

I’ve encouraged several colleagues outside my organization to join ACT as members. Members have access to trainings and webinars and can access ACT’s member directory to find subject-matter experts.

Claudine Schneider, Volunteer since 2020

TDM Regional Program Manager & OneCommute Lead
TDM Specialists, Inc.

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What have you volunteered for in ACT?
All ACT Councils except the Higher Education. Also, the upcoming Transit & Micromobility Councils. I’m the Secretary of the NorCal Chapter. And I was on the Planning Committee for the West Coast Summit and our upcoming 2024 TDM Week ACT Planning Committee.

Why did you volunteer?
It started when my boss told me I needed to take advantage of my membership. Ever since, I have wanted to volunteer wherever I can.

What is a moment with ACT that stands out?
My 1st International Conference in Orlando. I had an amazing time. From the people, activities, sessions, and the EV expo were all extremely memorable.

Claudine's advice about getting involved with ACT

Don’t be scared. Everyone is here to help, provide guidance, network, collaborate, or assist with whatever TDM endeavor you have.

Melissa Foley, Volunteer since 2017

Commute Strategic Account Manager
Commute with Enterprise 

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What have you volunteered for in ACT?
2 years as the At Large Director for the NorCal Chapter, 2 years as VP for NorCal Chapter, 1 year 4 mos. as the President for NorCal Chapter, 2 years as Professional Development Chair for Vanpool Council, 1 year 4 mos. as the Resource & Communications Co-Chair for Vanpool Council. 

Why did you volunteer?
I volunteer for ACT because I’m passionate about transportation issues and their impact on communities.  I believe that improving transportation not only enhances the quality of life for individuals but also contributes to a more sustainable and connected society.  I also volunteer to collaborate with others in the TDM world and build my network. 

What is the best thing you got out of volunteering with ACT?
My network and ACT community! Being part of this network not only allows me to contribute my skills and insights but also offers opportunities for collaboration, learning, and professional growth.  The collective expertise and diverse perspectives within ACT enable us to tackle transportation issues more effectively and create solutions.  Volunteering with ACT not only aligns with my career goals but also allows me to build lasting relationships and contribute to a cause that I’m truly passionate about. 

What is your best volunteer memory?
My best volunteer memory has to be our West Coast Regional TDM Summit, which was just held.  It was amazing to see the Chapter come together to form a planning committee and plan a super successful event for members and non-members in the TDM industry. 

Melissa's advice about getting involved with ACT

Don’t be scared to volunteer! Get involved, speak up, and explore different volunteering opportunities within ACT.  There are many ways to get involved based on their interest.  It’s a welcoming and supportive community where your contributions are valued, regardless of your background or experience level. Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and your willingness to contribute is what matters most!   

Thom Cerny, AICP, TDM-CP, since 1994

Climate Resiliency/TDM Practice Lead
Toole Design

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What have you volunteered for in ACT?
Nearly everything at one point or another.

Why did you volunteer?
I feel if you’re going to be part of an organization, you should really be an active part of it.

What is a moment with ACT that stands out? 
Too many to count.

Thom's advice about getting involved with ACT

You get back what you put in. Get involved.

Stuart Anderson

Executive Director
Transportation Solutions, Denver, CO

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What have you volunteered for in ACT?
Board member SoCal chapter, President SoCal Chapter, ACT Board member nationally, Chair of TMA Council, Served on Public Policy Committee for several years.

Why did you volunteer?
- To learn more about the industry
- To create a network of colleagues
- Know what is happening nation-wide
- Enjoy advocacy efforts

What is a moment with ACT that stands out

- ACT Conference Orlando 2000, I was selected as the Executive Director for ACT and served 3.5 years in the staff position

- Launch Best Workplaces for Commuters

Stuart's advice about getting involved with ACT

My national network of colleagues helped me throughout my career in learning about programs in different cities and sharing ideas.

Philip L. Winters, Volunteer since 1980

Director, TDM Program
Center for Urban Transportation Research
University of South Florida

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What have you volunteered for in ACT?  
I’ve volunteered for TDM even before ACT became ACT (formerly National Association of Vanpool Operators) and then merged with the Association for Ridesharing Professionals. Some that I can recall over my 44 years in TDM include serving on the Board of Directors, served as National Treasurer, TDM Review editor (ACT’s quarterly magazine at the time), organized years of professional development webinars with Donna Smallwood with Caravan, and served as vice president of the TDM Institute (a 501©(3) organization that eventually spun out of ACT).  With my CUTR team, we volunteered to conduct a couple of TMA Surveys in partnership with UrbanTrans.  We led the effort to produce the TMA Handbook.  I served on the Public Policy Committee for many years.  I was a member of the TDM-CP Certification Task Force that conducted the jobs analysis study, identified the key domains, set the requirements, and created the exam.  Friend of various councils and attend their meetings regularly.

Why did you volunteer?  
I think it is in my DNA.  My dad was active in many groups including a grassroots effort to stop/re-reroute Interstate 78 in Pennsylvania long before I started my career in TDM.  I volunteer because I think I can help.  And I may have a bad habit of not being able to say “no” (Thanks, Dad).

What is a moment with ACT that stands out?  
The fact that TDM-CP Certification finally became a reality.  I was initially involved in the effort back in the mid-1980s and went through several starts/stops over the years.  Kudos to David Straus and task force chair, Aaron Fodge, other members of the Task Force, and the ACT Board for investing the time and resources for making it happen. 

Philip's  advice about getting involved with ACT

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities available to you.  Volunteering with ACT doesn’t have to require a large block of time or long-term commitment. It is also a great way to meet people with common interests.  I’ve made many good friends from all over the country by engaging with ACT.   

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