Celebrating Bike to Work Week

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Bike to Work Week was May 13 to May 19 this year

Celebrating sustainable and fun transportation

Bike to Work Week takes place each year to uplift biking as a commuting method. This year, there was strong participation, and it was fantastic to see so many people getting their pedals moving.

Commuting by bike is a fantastic way to reduce congestion and carbon emissions on your way to work. Plus, what's not to love about getting outside on your bike? It's great for the planet, keeps you active, and provides some valuable time outdoors.

Whether you tried out this commuting option for the first time or you regularly bike to your place of employment, Bike to Work Week is a wonderful opportunity to get involved. Check out the highlights below to learn how ACT members celebrated and sign up for one more event taking place next week.

Highlights from ACT's community

From pancake breakfasts to bike tune-ups, lunch webinars, group rides, and more, ACT members were certainly out and about! There were many ways to celebrate, and it was fantastic to hear about the events ACT members organized and attended.

Photos from Vanderbilt's group bike ride as part of Bike to Work Month programming.

Photos from TMACC's group bike ride, which gathered more than 50 riders from 10 companies on the Chester Valley Trail. 

One more chance to celebrate

Southern California ACT members, there's an event taking place next week in the Los Angeles area. Visit the following link to learn more and register for the SoCal Chapter Post-Bike to Work Week Happy Hour.

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