Celebrating Connect Day

Posted By: Allison Caravella General News,

On Saturday, September 9, ACT celebrated three years of Connect. This platform is a key resource-sharing tool that brings chapters, councils, and communities together in one central location. Whether you're sharing information about TDM programs and strategies or looking to learn something new, there's a community that has something for you!

Connect in numbers 

This year, members played an active role in discussions and communities. Since Connect Day last year, the platform has hosted:

Get involved

You can join the Connect Day celebration by joining a conversation or sharing a resource with industry colleagues. ACT is proud to host a thriving collaborative environment and the platform offers many opportunities to help other TDM professionals succeed. 

Each of us brings a unique perspective to the industry and we all have something to contribute to ACT's community. Your expertise may be precisely what a colleague is looking for! If you're not sure where to jump in, check out one of the following recent conversations: 

Or check out this year's top threads:

This year's top contributors 

Thank you to all who play an active role in our online community. This year, we are proud to recognize the following ten top contributors: 

  • Christopher Bongorno, TDM-CP
  • Lisa Kay Schweyer, TDM-CP
  • Jessica Alba, TDM-CP 
  • David McMaster, TDM-CP 
  • Claudine Schneider
  • Connie McGee
  • Courtney Reynolds, TDM-CP
  • Miriam Leibowitz
  • David Sorrell, TDM-CP
  • Mary Anderson, TDM-CP

Have you uploaded a profile picture to the platform? If not, you can do so for an entry to an upcoming ACT contest. Stay tuned for more details and an opportunity to win a prize!