Member spotlight: Dayna Paszkiet

Member Spotlights,

Dayna Paszkiet is a Commute Sales Executive at Commute with Enterprise and the President of ACT's

Chesapeake Chapter. Learn more about Dayna's story and industry experience in this month's member spotlight.

Please introduce yourself and your organization 

I've worked for Enterprise for 18 years and in the Commute division for 6. Commute with Enterprise focuses specifically on vanpooling and bringing a greater understanding on how vanpooling helps companies, employees and communities alike by providing transportation to areas and employees that may otherwise not have reliable transportation and filling a gap for employers.

What brought you to TDM and how did you get involved in the field? 

I had previously worked in Enterprise's rental and Business Rental divisions and loved working for Enterprise, but was ready for a challenge. I was excited to join our Commute division and make an impact with people's commutes. Almost immediately, I found ACT to help me navigate the TDM side.

Why did you get involved in ACT? 

At Enterprise, we are taught all aspects of the business but when we enter the Commute with Enterprise side, TDM is completely new and ACT is a fantastic way for us to learn all areas of TDM and how we fit within that realm. I started out as Treasurer and am now the President of the Chesapeake Chapter.

What has been the most memorable moment of your experience in ACT? 

I started right after the International Conference in 2017 so I attended the 2018 conference in Anaheim almost a year in. It was eye opening and made me want to learn more. My second most memorable experience was attending ImpACT! training in Orlando in early 2019. It was great to get both events in just 6 months to really jumpstart my career and ACT experience. 

What would you tell someone thinking about becoming a member of ACT? 

There's nothing to think about. Each person has the ability to make a huge impact within their chapter. Getting involved helps everyone, including yourself, to learn more and see areas of opportunity.

What do you see as future opportunities and/or challenges for TDM?
There's always opportunities to grow, but the challenge is how to grow in a way to benefit all your current and future members. Thinking smart about logistics geographically as well as realistic expectations of volunteers are just two key things to keep in mind.