Parking & Curb Management Coordinator

Career Hub,

This position is located in the Transportation Performance & Development Division, Business Development and Services Branch of the Department of Transportation Services (DTS).

The position is responsible for supervising and coordinating several concurrent planning projects, studies, and activities for parking and mobility programs under the DTS functional segment of the total city planning program to include on-street and off-street public parking, curb management, transportation demand management, restricted parking zones, etc.; supervising, coordinating, and performing the full range of planning work and rate scenarios generating fee revenue in the development, policies and strategies, program review and analysis, and completion of planning projects for the parking and mobility programs; supervising, coordinating and developing studies in alignment with project goals and objectives; supervising, coordinating, and performing field investigations, socio-economic studies, etc.; supervising, coordinating, and performing planning tasks to develop reports and legislation to use and support City, State, and Federal funding to budget and to program for project procurement and contracting; supervising, coordinating, and performing analysis and market research reports using consultant, industry and related reports of the related fees plus revenues generated by the various parking and mobility programs; and supervising, coordinating, and responding to inquiries, request for information, investigations and complaints to resolve parking, mobility projects, and transportation-related complaints.

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