Announcing 2024-2025 committee appointments

General News,

As we near the start of the new year, the association is pleased to announce appointments for 2024-2025 ACT Board Committees. During their two-year terms, the following volunteers will help shape a vital aspect of ACT's operations. Each committee provides valuable guidance that equips the board to advance organizational goals.

View a complete list of committee members below. 2024-2025 appointments are bolded. 

Accreditation Committee
Thom Cerny (Chair), Toole Design
Wendy Duren, DS&MG 
Samuel Patterson, University of Mississippi
Brian Shaw, Stanford

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

Kiki Dohman (Chair), Cherriotts
Lisa Kay Schweyer, Foursquare ITP
Adriana Britton, TriMet 
Jonathan Schuppert, Meta 
David Sorrell, University of CA Berkeley
Joddie Gray, UrbanTrans 
Destree Bascos, Steer
Estella Hollander, Mountain Line
LaShawn Martin, WSP USA
Kathy Kleczek, NW Transportation Options
Shuchi Gupta, Central Pines Regional Council
Elissa Thomas, CSU – Fullerton

Brian Robinson, Innovative TDM Solutions

Jenee Muller-Thym, Potomac & Rappahannock Transportation Commission

Anna Wittow, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Dan O’Donnell, Odonnell Company

Events Oversight Committee
Connie McGee (Chair), Commute with Enterprise
Andy Keeton, Commutifi
Heather Reiners, Westchester County
Caitlin Styrczula, AECOM
Jessica Sanborn, Google
Lauren Travis, AECOM

Allison Simmons, Northease Consulting Group

Laura Cisneros, Love to Ride

Finance Committee

Thom Cerny (Chair), Toole Design
Aaron Fodge, Colorado State University

Leigh Anderson, GWRideConnect
Wendy Duren, DS&MG
Eva Hsu, ICF Consultants

Lauren Travis, AECOM

Walter Kolis, Emory University

Governance Committee

Brendon Harrington (Chair), Google
Thom Cerny, Toole Design
Peggy Schwartz, NBTBD
Frank Mongioi, ICF
Ray Bernheim, TripShot
Shelly Parker, NC State University
Miriam Leibowitz, Vanderbilt University
Michael Holme, Liftango

Membership Committee

Katie O’Sullivan (Chair), WSP USA
Kristin Slaton, AECOM
John Andoh, Redding Area Bus Authority
Geoff England, Steer

Jeff Byma, Hallcon

Frank Mongioi, ICF 

Professional Development Committee

Jim Barr (Chair), Retired
Kiki Dohman, Cherriotts
Samuel Patterson, University of Mississippi
Jesse Kafka, TripSpark
Shuchi Gupta, Central Pines Regional Council
Francis Wambalaba, US International University
Carol Cooper, King County Metro
Imani Johnson, City of Durham

Danielle Glaser, LinkedIn

Jane Bowman Brady, GO ITHACA

Meghan Mathson, Nashville DOT

Aysha Cohen, University of MD at College Park

Gary Hsueh, Steer

Courtney Reynolds, Agile Mile

Andrew Koved, Nelson/Nygaard

Public Policy Committee

Rob Henry, GVF
Jessica Alba, Stanford
Andy Keeton, Commutifi

Matt Meservy, Tennessee DOT

Jacob Greig, Liftango

Heidi Speight, Salesforce

Dion Beuckman, Commute with Enterprise
Tim Phelps, TMA of Chester County
Veronica Jarvis, Thurston RPC
Ricardo Gotla, Washington DOT 
Sarah Hendricks, CUTR/USF
Larry Filler, AECOM
Matt Caywood, Actionfigure
Jane Davaransky, Meta

Marne Duke, Metro