General News,
A huge round of applause to all of the volunteer members who have worked so hard to make their chapters & councils so successful!

ACT Chapters provide members with regional-specific learning & networking opportunities through newsletters, meetings, and events hosted throughout the years. This year, many of our Chapters hosted elections and we’d like to welcome the new group of leaders and thank our exceptional volunteers who are leaving their positions.

“I look forward to serving as the President of the Midwest Chapter! As the chapter board, Chris Bongorno, Noah Fox, Kelly Morrell, and I have great things in store for Midwest members in 2021. Big thank you to Becky Alper for her leadership over the last 4 years as President. She helped paved the way to making the Midwest the MidBEST!” – Kevin Chau, Midwest Chapter President

“I want to thank Nicole Stern (ACHD Commuteride) and David Cook (University of Colorado) for their years of service on the Rocky Mountain ACT Board. Their friendly personalities and willingness to dedicate time to the chapter made our meetings always feel like a get-together with friends, despite our distance. I wish David a happy retirement and look forward to continuing to work with Nicole on other chapter initiatives! - Erika Benti, Rocky Mountain Chapter President

“I am grateful for the opportunity to have served on the Mid-Atlantic Chapter for the past seven years, with the last two years as Chapter President.  During my time on the board I have gotten to know and work with several of our members, which has helped me build confidence as a leader.” – Heather Reiners, Outgoing Mid-Atlantic Chapter President

Welcome New (And Returning) Chapter Leaders!


President: Kelly Koster

Vice President: Kiki Dohman

Secretary: Geoff England

Treasurer: Kendle Bjelland


President: Emily Cass

Vice President: Dayna Paszkiet

Secretary: Kendall Tiffany

Treasurer: Alan Doran

Events Chair: Traci McPhail

Membership Chair: Holly Morello

Communications Chair: Christy Straight


President: Tim Phelps

Vice President: Eva Hsu

Secretary: Ronda Craig

Treasurer: David Judd

Membership Co-Chair: Anthony Hickton

Membership Co-Chair: Jason Thomas

Immediate Past President: Heather Reiners


President: Kevin Chau

Vice President: Chris Bongorno

Secretary: Noah Fox

Treasurer: Kelly Morrell

Northern California

President: David Sorrell

Vice President: Melissa Foley

Secretary: LaShawn Martin

Treasurer: Georgina Arias

Director at Large: Jessica Alba

Director at Large: Tom Harrington

Director at Large: Darlene Amaral

Director at Large: Mari Pearman

Director at Large: Bobby Fultz

Director at Large: Cynthia Taylor

Director at Large: Brian Gyorkos

Director at Large: Tina Lainhart


President: Paul Nelson

Vice President: Abby Bleything

Secretary: Michael Moriarty

Treasurer: Ben Hammer

Red River

President: Danny Silva

Vice President: Sonya Landrum

Treasurer: Debbie Hoffmann

Rocky Mountain

President: Erika Benti

Treasurer: Nicole Stern

At-Large: Carson Priest

Membership Chair: Wendy Karsch


President: Sabrina Glenn

Vice President: Allie Velleca

Secretary: Sylvia Crum

Treasurer: Michelle Althoff

Marketing & Communications Committee: Sarah Saylor

Membership Committee: Stacey Burton

Technology Committee: Paul Straw

Southern California

President: Aaron Gaul

Vice President: Kristina Valenzuela

Secretary: Melissa Molina

Treasurer: Dia Turner

Valley of the Sun

President: Scott Miklos

Vice President: Chris Barker

Secretary: Mary Marshall

Treasurer: Ruth Reiman

Membership Chair: Amanda Luecker

ACT Councils serve as dedicated spaces for issue-focused research, education, and networking.  Council leaders are dedicated experts in their fields tasked with providing ACT members with additional learning opportunities with a focus on employers, teleworking, transportation management associations (TMAs), universities, and vanpooling.  All five of our councils just wrapped up elections for new & returning leaders in 2021. We’d like to thank the outgoing leadership for their excellent work and we are excited to see how they further impact TDM.

“I really enjoyed my time on the Telework Council and it has been amazing to see the growth of interest in telework over the years. Although news of a vaccine is amazing, I am hoping that the telework lessons of Covid-19 are all long lived.” – Elham Shirazi, Outgoing Telework Council Chair

"Elham has been an unwavering advocate and expert in telework for over three decades, and a founding member of the Telework Council. While she is only taking a break from Council leadership (we hope), the council will never forget Elham's leadership and impact. ACT appreciates Elham's tireless service, dedication, and passion in our field. I am thankful to call her my friend and colleague and will try my best to follow in her footsteps." - Allie Velleca, Telework Council Chair

“It’s been such a fun and challenging year but I’ve been so blessed to have been able to work with Joe Stainsby (Secretary) and Dezra Nauls (Chair).  They have made the council leadership so much fun to work on.  I will miss their smiley faces and quick wit on our leadership calls but wish them all the best in 2021 with their new endeavors!” – Michelle Althoff, Vanpool Council Chair

Welcome New (And Returning) Council Leaders!


Chair: Mark Melnyk

Vice Chair: Tom Harrington

Programming: Caryn Walline

Programming Subcommittee: Puja Thomas-Patel

Programming Subcommittee: Andy Keeton

Programming Subcommittee: David Zyck

Recruitment: Deborah Mayfield

Communications: Jessica Sanborn


Chair: Allie Velleca

Vice Chair: Robin Mack

Secretary: Johann Weber


Chair: Julia Wean

Vice Chair: Olivia Holden

Secretary: Kevin Luten


Chair: Aaron Buckley

Vice Chair: JC Porter

Secretary: Megan Gribble


Chair: Michelle Althoff

Vice Chair: Erika Heinz

Secretary: Jessica Sotelo