Announcing the 2023 TDM Hall of Fame Inductees

Posted By: Allison Caravella General News,

ACT was pleased to announce the 2023 TDM Hall of Fame inductees at the 37th Annual International Conference in Seattle. The TDM Hall of Fame, a new distinction for distinguished leaders in Transportation Demand Management, recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the field throughout their careers. Those who have previously received the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Bob Owens award are now recognizes as inductees of the TDM Hall of Fame. 

ACT is proud to honor the 2023 inductees, Lori Diggins, Elham Shirazi, Nicholas Ramfos, and Peter Valk, for their leadership, service, and outstanding accomplishments in the field. 

Lori Diggins

Lori joined the TDM industry in the mid-1980s and has since held many roles including transit planner, TDM executive director, and transportation and market research consultant. She is well known for evaluating, recording, and showcasing the achievements of TDM programs.

Lori is also recognized for her work with transportation surveys, travel pattern study, TDM program use, and traveler attitudes. These efforts have contributed significantly to the understanding of TDM strategies that motivate travel behavior change.

Her strong background in research brought her to the TDM Committee of TRB. During her time as chair, which she served as from 2007 to 2013, she collaborated with ACT to launch the committee's mid-year meeting at association conferences. This practice, which was repeated during the 37th Annual International Conference, helps acquaint members with key research topics. 

Elham Shirazi 

Elham launched her TDM career in 1984 with Commuter Transportation Services, one of the earliest and largest ridesharing program organizations in the country. She then opened an independent consulting business in 1991 and has distinguished herself as a TDM pioneer ever since. Elham is known for her work developing resource materials, conducting training workshops, and consulting with major public sector programs and hundreds of employers large and small. She continues to champion the opportunities and benefits of telework and alternative work arrangements, which has made her one of the best known telework practitioners in the United States.

Elham is also a recipient of the ACT Cathy Cole Leadership Award and has served in many roles for ACT and other transportation associations, including:

  • Co-chair of the former Teleworking Association
  • Board member for WTS in Southern California
  • Two terms as at-large director on the ACT Board of Directors
  • One term as secretary of the ACT Board of Directors
  • 15 years as chair of the Telework and Alternative Work Arrangements council

Nicholas Ramfos

Nicholas's TDM career has spanned more than 36 years and multiple regions. He first entered the field in 1985 helping automotive industry worksites institute ridesharing programs in the Detroit Metropolitan Region and made TDM his permananent occupation in 1990.

Nicholas implemented the Employee Commute Options demonstration project with 17 employers in the Chicagoland area, an NTD reporting vanpool program in the San Diego region, and currently operates a large TDM program including significant marketing and evaluation components in the nation’s capitol region.

He is also known for extensive volunteer leadership roles in ACT, including chairing the vanpool council, chairing the public policy council, and serving as vice president and a director of the ACT board. He first presented at an ACT conference in 1990 in Long Beach and has since made more than 60 TDM presentations at conferences and events, including many at ACT. 

Nicholas says, "Being inducted into ACT’s first “Hall of Fame” class was a pleasant surprise, but also a confirmation of the all-star TDM professionals I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with to deliver efficient and effective TDM program services while helping support the industry’s goals and objectives."

Peter Valk

Throughout his more than 40 years in the industry, Peter set a strong example as a TDM professional and leader. He is remembered for his strong belief in collaboration and unique ability to navigate transportation and mobility issues. His work sparked new collaborations between public and private sectors, and he helped many cities and governments develop public-private partnerships. 

Peter began his TDM career at Commuter Transportation Services before launching a TDM consultancy in  1985. His friends and colleagues remember him as a mentor, leader, and consummate TDM professional. 

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