2024-2025 ACT Board Spotlight: Danielle Glaser

Member Spotlights,

Danielle Glaser is the Senior Program Manager for Global Transportation at LinkedIn and an incoming At-Large Director on ACT's 2024-2025 Board. Meet Danielle and learn more about her in this special November spotlight! 

Danielle was first inspired to seek a career in Transportation Demand Management (TDM) after moving to California from Grand Rapids, Michigan. After experiencing the jarring differences in traffic and daily commuting, she was motivated to learn as much as she could about sustainable urban planning. She began by enrolling in a summer course at UC Berkeley titled [In]City. Empowered by this opportunity, Danielle continued her education at San Jose State University, where she obtained a master's degree in Urban Planning with a focus on Transportation Planning and Land Use. 

For the past seven years, she's worked with LinkedIn, first joining via WeDriveU, to equip employees with the necessary resources and guidance to have the most efficient commute. In her current role, she enjoys the opportunity to creatively navigate commuting challenges through innovative programming and services. 

Danielle says, "We're faced with complex problems, and I think it's fun to strategize on the best solutions for each situation. It's a highly collaborative and innovative industry, so I'm always learning new things and that fuels me."

Even prior to her time in TDM, Danielle has long prioritized work that benefits people and the planet. She considers a summer working at Zion National Park to be a central inspiration for this career philosophy.

She says, "Humans need to treat our planet better, and I believe in order to have the space to do that, humans need to be treated better. I want to be doing work that makes life easier, enjoyable, and frictionless for people while also reducing our impact on our air, water, and land."

Danielle is a member of ACT's Northern California Chapter and has been part of the association for six years. She fondly recounts the connections she's made as a member and always enjoys catching up with industry colleagues at events. Danielle is particularly excited about the 2024 International Conference in Denver, Colorado, where she looks forward to learning more about the state's transportation innovation.

Outside of work, Danielle enjoys spending time at the beach with her husband and dog, Maggie, or relaxing at home with their cats Lucy and Frank. She is also an urbanist with a passion for discovering good street design that prioritizes bikes and pedestrians. 

As an incoming At-Large Director of ACT, Danielle is excited to give back to an organization that has been an integral part of her career and provided her with many professional and personal opportunities. Please join us as we welcome Danielle to the 2024-2025 Board of Directors!