ACT Welcomes 13 New TDM-CPs

General News,

ACT is excited to announce and applaud the newest TDM-CP recipients. These thirteen individuals have demonstrated their proficiency and broad knowledge of TDM industry standards, regulations, and best practices and have earned exclusive authorization to use the TDM-CP mark of distinction.

This group joins 81 other individuals in the TDM-CP registry. “I am so thrilled to see a new cohort of TDM leaders earning their certification. In an ever-changing industry, this group has demonstrated their commitment to making a better journey for everyone,” said Jessica Alba, chair of the ACT Certification Board of Trustees. “On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees, we are honored to celebrate your exceptional achievement.”


Georgina Arias, TDM-CP

Solomon Brumbaugh, TDM-CP

Jane Davaransky, TDM-CP

Bennett Foster, TDM-CP

Evangelos Gatseos, TDM-CP

Olivia Holden, TDM-CP

Jenny Hong, TDM-CP
Sara Irick, TDM-CP

Deborah Jones, TDM-CP

Bronwen Keiner, TDM-CP

Darin Lund, TDM-CP

LaShawn Martin, TDM-CP

Johann Weber, TDM-CP

The TDM-CP exam tests individuals on the full range of skills and knowledge necessary to be a TDM professional.  “For me, earning TDM-CP reflects not only a depth of commitment to the industry and deep passion for TDM, but also a broader understanding of the mechanisms and levers of transportation and behavior change,” said Johann Weber, TDM-CP, UrbanTrans. “Being a certified professional in TDM lets me showcase to my clients, partners, and stakeholders that I have the expertise they’re looking for to navigate the very complicated and evolving landscape of mobility and is a nice affirmation of my love for transportation!”

Over the past decade, TDM has gone through many changes as new technologies, new services, and increased understanding of the role transportation plays in greater social issues like climate change and TDM-CP demonstrates a professionals’ understanding of these evolving issues. “Transportation is freedom and we need more affordable climate-friendly options to get where we are going,” said Olivia Holden, TDM-CP, Commute Seattle. “Becoming a certified professional in TDM is critical to advancing the field, including securing more federal and local dollars to improve people’s health and access to opportunities. TDM-CP is yes, a certification for individuals, but what it is more is a foundational network of professionals advocating to help our world better move and thrive.”

Deborah Jones, TDM-CP, Associate Marketing Analyst at SANDAG added, “passing the exam to become a certified TDM professional gives me legitimacy! It shows – me and others – that I really know what I’m talking about.  I am super proud to join this esteemed group of TDM professionals, colleagues and friends.”

The TDM-CP program recognizes and ensures highly qualified individuals are available to meet the diverse needs of commuters, communities, and employers. We are excited to share that the next exam period will be held February 14th – March 13th, 2022.  Individuals interested in earning their TDM-CP are encouraged to learn more about the program, prerequisites for taking the exam, exam content areas, and study preparation by reviewing the Candidates Handbook.